Pressure Switches

Presair pressure switches make electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input.

By providing on/off switching from a pneumatic source, Presair pressure switches deliver critical benefits:

  • Safe and Convenient: Remote operation with complete electrical isolation. UL Recognized, CSA Certified.
  • Economical: Costs less than conventional controls
  • Accurate: Highly stable with good repeat accuracy. All switches are 100% tested at high and low settings and at proof pressure.
  • Reliable: Minimal moisture absorption and maximal dimensional stability.

Pressure Switch Products

Tinytrol® - Miniature Pressure Switch

Pressure is factory set, from .25 PSIG to 65 PSIG. Some models are field adjustable. Adaptor available to enable Tinytrol® retrofit for certain competitors' models with small diameter mounting thread.

  • Rating: 1 AMP to 25 AMPS. Horsepower rating to 1 HP @ 120 VAC; 2 HP @ 240 VAC
  • Materials: Acetal body; diaphragms available in various materials: nitrile, silicon, neoprene, EPDM, etc.

Standard Pressure Switch

Field adjustable. Dual pressures switches available, factory set to allow each microswitch to operate at a different pressure setting. Pressure ranges: from 1.5 IN.W.G. to 20-250 IN.W.G. and 1-5 PSI to 75-125 PSI. Range is 10% to 25% lower on falling pressure. Special differentials available.

  • Rating: 1 HP @ 125 VAC; 2 HP @ 250 VAC. Also available to 25 AMPS.
  • Materials: Acetal body and mechanism; diaphragm available in various materials: nitrile, neoprene, vitron, EPDM and silicon rubber; stainless or zinc plated steel screws; stainless steel springs

PC Board Mount Pressure Switch

Miniature single pole and double pole switches used as pressure switches where moderate accuracy is sufficient. Pressure ranges: 6 IN.W.G. to 65 PSIG. Pressure setting marked on switch in inches water gauge. Actuation point is customer specified and set at the Presair factory. Some models allow field adjustment.

  • Rating: 1 AMP resistive @ 250 VAC. Ratings are dependent on actuation pressure and must be de-rated at lower pressures. UL recognized for 100,000 operations; CSA Certified.
  • Material: Rynite/acetal body, silicon diaphragm, gold pins and contacts, stainless steel springs and screws.

Sensitive Differential Switches

Presair's sensitive single pole switches can be adapted to pressure or vacuum switches (from .25 IN.W.G. to 45 IN.W.G.) or as differential pressure switches.

These "slow make, slow break" switches can respond to rapid pulsing and the fold plated silver contacts will handle low level switching currents. Optional adjustable air bleeds can be supplied on either side of the diaphragm for pulse-sensing application safe edges or bellows.

  • Rating: 750 ma @ 250 VAC to 5 ma @ 3 VDC; 1 AMP @ 250 VAC to 5 ma @ 3 VDC. UL Recognized for 100,000 operations. CSA certified.
  • Material: Acetal body; EPDM diaphragm bonded to steel ring; other diaphragm materials are available; gold plated silver contacts; silver plated bronze springs; silver plated copper or brass terminals.

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